Kent WIlliams. Amalgam: Paintings and Drawings 1992 – 2007

I first learned about Kent Williams many moons ago when I bought the Havok & Wolverine “Meltdown” comic book, a fantastic collaboration between Walter  and Louise Simonson in the writing and Williams and J.J.Muth in the art. I was amazed by the incredible beauty of both artists panels and from then on I was a fan of both.

I found more stuff of Kent in older issues of Marvel´s Epic Illustrated  (a great magazine unfortunately cancelled long time ago (1986) when the best was still to come) and it was all great too, it was so interesting to see the way he developed. Also I found other comic book stuff: Blood: A Tale, Tell me Dark  and some of his art books: Drawings and Monotypes, the Sparrow issue about him, etc.

Today we have here one of his latest books, a thick 168 pages hardcover (and signed, no less) called Amalgam, and it contains paintings and drawings created from 1992 till 2007 (the year it was published). It is and extremely handsome book with great paper and reproduction quality, published by ASFA (Allen Spiegel Fine Arts).

So, what can we find in here: first some texts by Edward Lucie-Smith and Julia Morton, giving some insights about Kent´s work. After this here come the pretty pictures: mostly beautiful paintings of the most diverse subjects: people, animals, nudes, portraits, etc..

Not everything is oil work, you can also find pencil, charcoal and some stuff with manipulated photographic media. It s great to see some japanese-inspired stuff too.

The book is still on print (including a very expensive limited edition) and also there is a follow-up, Eklektikos, which I don´t have yet but will buy soon. In amazon both books are cheaper.

Well, in this case, Amalgam, for 75 bucks, don´t think twice. It is amazing stuff.


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