J. P. Witkin

Here, as promised, we have a weird book.

This is a catalogue of a J. P. Witkin exhibition that took place at New York’s Guggenheim Museum in 1995, I believe.

To call Witkin a controversial author would be like the biggest understatement ever. His work is full of dead bodies, dead nature, people with deformities, skeletons, some SM imagery… (don´t worry, I tried to choose the less offensive stuff for this post). But besides all that I find his images are always beautiful to look at and actually they are the gate to some serious deep thinking about what beauty is and why we can feel attracted to some images that could be described as disgusting.

Truth is I really can´t explain why I feel so attracted to Witkin´s stuff, but I am. I really think his work is art of the highest calibre. Danny Elfman must feel the same as he is the owner of one of Witkin´s images

The book is a hardcover, 272 pages of pretty good quality paper, with texts by Germano Celant and Mr. Witkin himself. Most pictures (about 100 of them) are shown in the right side of the book, with the opposite side usually empty but with some exceptions where we can find some sketches.

You can find this book online for sale, though it can be quite expensive. But to me is a must- buy. Witkin has some other books around so it is not too hard to get familiar with the man´s work. Also you can learn more about him here.

Definitely do it.


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