Tim Bradstreet: ARCHETYPE


Archetype is the second “Art of” book released about Tim Bradstreet. He became famous (at least for me) with his Vampire The Masquerade  RPG illustrations and I always liked his contrasty super-realistic style. He then started doing comic book covers and unfortunately never enough interior work.

The first book was called Maximun Black: Iconic Images and Cinematic Illustrations and was a great introduction to the man´s work but this one here, Archetype: Iconic Images and Cinematic Illustrations Volume 2, is really something else.




Here we have a huge hardcover book (312 pages no less) that takes a look to Bradstreet´s whole career: comic books interiors and covers, film work, etc, all illustrated profusely. It is quite interesting to see his evolution as an artist and how his work gets better and better.

The book is divided in chapters like Illustration years I & II, The Children of the Night, Blade, Hellblazer, novels, etc. And also there are chapters for more personal stuff like Red Sky Diary and Bad Planet and even some childhood pictures and art from those years.




Also we can find photography of his work process, with his models and all, which I found quite interesting. You can even see good Thomas Jane posing for some Punisher work. He even has some words inside the book.

The book is written by Bradstreet himself and has a forward by Matt Sturm and introduction by the great Jim Steranko.




I bought my copy at Bud Plant´s and it was a signed edition with an additional illustration. This edition is sold out but you can find the regular hardcover at Amazon, though for some reason you have to wait a long time to get it.



Bradstreet is a very talented artist which I enjoy very much (and by his texts he comes across as a very nice guy too) so I definitely recommend this great book. And Maximun Black too!


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