The JAP Guild Works

Here we are again and this time with a short review of a pretty interesting book.

JAP Guild Works is a book about the work of the JAP collective, a group of people who design costumes, jewelry and a lot of different things for musicians, movies, theatre, bars and pubs, you name it.



They create beautiful and intricate designs in lots of materials: leather, metal, silver… and they have clients like Lucasfilm, Marvel, Disney…  In the book we can find samples of all of that. Star Wars, Nightmare Before Christmas, Koroshiya Ichi, Pizzicato Five, Luna SeaParty 7, Terminator….




Also we have pictures and short profiles of the JAP Guild Works team, some look into their workshops and also pictures of their own shop in Kichijoji (not sure if it is still open though) where you can buy their fashion or jewels and many other things created by them. The book is pretty cool and full of stuff of all kinds that really show the wide range of fields these guys can attack. It is also excellent resource if you are into cosplay and that kind of stuff. Lots of inspirational designs and very very creative.




The book is a hardcover, 160 pages and it is really interesting. As a previous propmaker and designer myself it s really great to see what other people do in the same field. Can´t say I was at the same level unfortunately!

I found the book at a second-hand shop in Tokyo around 2005 and  think it has been long out of print. It cost me around 2000 yen, 1400 yen under the retail price  but I guess now it would be a little more expensive if you could find it in local japanese second-hand shops. If you find it online let me know and I will post the link.