Bernie Wrightson´s A Look Back

Wrightson already appeared around here when I talked about The Studio.

Let´s go back to him.

I believe Bernie must be tired of being called The Master of the Macabre (though no doubt he really is) and this book won´t do much to remove that tag. This is something like and illustrated biography of the man, and as such we can see Bernie grow as a person and as an artist in each of the book´s chapters.

A Look Back s a book originally published in 1979 and later republished I believe two more times (last time in 1991, the edition that I have). The books take a look at the first years in Wrightson´s career, from the 60´s till the end of the 70´s and you can find from very very early work (when Berne was a kid) to his latest stuff (at that time) like his work for Frankenstein or The Studio.




The book, written by Wrightson´s friend Christopher Zavisa contains both black and white and color artwork, and also lots of very interesting texts, lots of candid words from Bernie himself giving us details of his life and growth as an artists and his career. We have samples of comic book suff, fanzine, illustration, portfolios,  film design and collaborations with other authors (like Kaluta or Jeffrey Jones). The Shadow, Poe, book covers, Creepy…  I must have read this book 1.000 times when I got it. Really it was a huge inspirational artifact at the time (as everything the guys from The Studio did)




It is a thick softcover book (360 pages) with introduction by Harlan Ellison, published by Underwood Miller and completely out of print. In Amazon it is quite expensive (specially the hardcover editions). I was lucky my mom gave it to me as a birthday gift back in 1992.

Sometimes being not so young has its advantages.




Note: I guess the pages I choose for the pics are not the best sample you could get from the book, but besides the fact I don´t want to spoil anyone the pleasure of discovering this book, unfortunately the 20 years old guy started falling apart when I took the pics. So I had to do it very carefully and just using what I could without damaging the book much more. It is in good condition but I won´t make him suffer anymore. Still, the book is great and full of beautiful art as only Bernie could give us.


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