Alien: The Original Art Edition.

Following last week´s post, we have here a similar item: the Alien: Original Art Edition.

As with the Mauzzucchelli´s book, this is a faithful reproduction of the original art of this movie adaptation drawn by Walter Simonson and adapted by Archie Goodwin. It is a huge hardcover book and a joy to read.




As a kid I had the spanish edition of the book and, together with the “making of” book of the movie, this was the only contact I had with the movie (my father wanted to take me to see it but my mom did not allow). I was so scared it took me a long time to read the book fully. I remember putting over the TV set, and waiting there for me to get the courage needed to open it again and keep reading it. Good days, 35 years ago.




This book has the whole adaptation in black and white and also includes some pretty interesting stuff: the whole script by Goodwin and also some test pages Simonson did to get the gig. They are in full color and pretty cool, with a radically different Alien monster. Also we can see some color proofs and a look to foreign versions.



Walter SImonson is one of my favourite comic book artists ever. First thing I read by him was this Alien book, and I loved his style (I even copied him a bit when I was very very young) and I loved his signature (shaped as a dinosaur).

Simonson´s style is very much in debt with Jack Kirby (just like almost everybody else´s!) and he is able to put so much energy in his drawings. I love a lot of his work but I would recommend this Alien book, the graphic novel Star Slammers and of course, what I think is his best work: his run on Thor (more on that later).

So, if you don’t have any original work by him (I don´t) , this is the next best thing. Huge pages of “almost original” Simonson art is really something wonderful.

This book is in print and while a bit pricey, it is worth every dollar.


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