The Art Of Ikeda Manabu.

This is one artist I had no idea about, Ikeda Manabu.

I was in the Shinjuku Kinokuniya store checking out probably some gravure magazines and my friend Salgado called me to show me something he was sure I would like.

And he handed me a copy of this:


The art of Ikeda Manabu 1.

As soon as I saw what this guy is about I was hooked. Ikeda draws in acrylics and pen and ink in huge canvases the most crazy, detailed and amazing worlds you could ever find.




I always loved this kind of complex detailed art, so right there and right there Ikeda became a favorite. I remember very clearly what I said: This guy is a madman. So I bought the book and here we are: 112 pages full of Ikeda´s madness.




The book (in both japanese and english) showcases some of the best Ikeda art. In may cases we  are first shown the whole picture and then we get close-ups of some parts of the paintings so we can get a real sense of the kind of detail we are talking about here. It is simply astounding.



You can find the book in Amazon for 3.990 yen. This art really has to be seen to be believed, so I  would go for it no matter what.

You can follow Ikeda´s offical blog here.


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