Araki by Araki. The Photographer´s Personal Selection.

Araki Nobuyoshi, as I am sure most of you know, is this controversial photographer from Japan that has a lot of sexual pictures, some of them even pornographic, and has been banned in his own country a few times and seems like he slept with all his models.

Well, part of that is true (I leave to you to find out what), but Araki is actually a much more accomplished artist. Controversy is just one element of many in his work.

This book here is, as its title clearly states, a selection made by Araki himself, of photographs taken in an almost 40 years span of time: 1963 – 2002



The book is divided in years, one chapter for each year and it covers the whole range of Araki´s ouvre. It is actually amazing to see how much variety and styles Araki has had through all these years.




Of course you will find sexual stuff in the book, but I just don´t find it offensive at all as I think it is pretty well done and in good taste.

The book design is also pretty good, some pictures taking a  full-page, some other pages full of stuff, and all done beautifully. Kudos to the designers.




BW, color, flowers, food, cats, people, portraits, candid pictures, sex, death, kids, landscapes, alleys… All is here so this book could be considered a great introduction to the artist.



The book is thick, 410 pages, and it was published in 2003 by publishing titan Kodansha. I got in amazon at around 50 bucks. I think is out of print but that is not much of a problem as you can find a lot of Araki materials on print, like the Taschen books. and many more. This one reviewed here is just one if the finest I could find.


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