Mika Ninagawa

Ninagawa is a world-famous photographer from Japan. Her photography is quite personal, full of saturated colors, lots of details, elements, sometimes even overloaded. She has worked for the most important magazines in Japan and abroad but I discovered her in the greatest clothes and pictures and pretty girls magazine, the deceased Smart Girls (which also featured the work of Yasumasa Yonehara and  Naito Keisuke)

I always liked her pictures, not so much her movies (she has been a  2 times director as of now, Sakuran and Helter Skelter). I kinda liked the first one (very similar in style to her photography) but I did not like the second at all. Anyway let´s talk about this book. I got it last year at International Nagoya Design Center.

_MG_0512 copy

_MG_0513 copy

_MG_0514 copy

The book is thick and heavy and comes in a Cardboard slipcase. As you can expect from usual japanese photography book standards, quality of paper, printing and binding is all top-notch. If you are into japanese culture you will find lots of familiar faces: Yayoi Kusama, Kuriyama Chiaki, etc. The imagery is great, with many japanese motifs and elements, and also lots of nature photography: plants, flowers, etc…

_MG_0515 copy

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The book, visually,  is incredible rich even if sometimes you will need to rest your eyes. It is quite the visual overload from beginning to the end (and the book is 352 pages)

_MG_0519 copy

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_MG_0521 copy

The book also has an introduction and conversation with Moriyama Daido (soon to be featured here) and Ninagawa herself. It is actually a great read.

I bought as soon as it came out and it was expensive. I just can´t remember how much I paid for it but it was worth every yen. Now I believe is not so easy to find, probably out of print, but is still around on the interwebs. Published by Rizzoli.

Definitely recommended.



Even better news!!!

Thomas Peak, son of master artist Bob Peak just sent the following message:

““The Art of Bob Peak” book has been nothing short of a Great Success!
My next book is a “Bob Peak Sketchbook” available in the Spring of 2015. This book will be produced on “Kickstarter” with several levels of participation up to original signed Bob Peak Sketches and Artwork. More information to come.
Tom Peak

Well, the greatest news of the year so far!!!