The Lost Art of Frederick Richardson

In the last post I talked about Lost Art Books. So I would like to continue that trend talking about another of their books, The Lost Art Of Frederick Richardson.

I had no idea who he was until I saw this book in their website. It looked awesome so I got it instantly. Richardson was a turn-of-the century american illustrator that did lots of work for newspapers and also worked illustrating childern´s books. He has this kind of detailed line work I love so much.



The book keeps the high standards of their Kley books. Crisp reproductions, good paper, but the pages are not numbered. Not much of a problem anyway. All the book is black and white, pen and ink work.



You can see some Mucha touches here and there, some Doré too. Richardson´s art is fantastic.



This artist is a discovery to me. Definitely recommended.


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