2 Howard Pyle books

Hello, back after too long time messing with that thing called life.

Howard Pyle was simply a master. Famous all over the world, he was an incredible painter and also teacher of a whole bunch of first-rate artists in what is call the Brandywine school. He illustrated Robin Hood, pirates books, King Arthur and wrote some novels too. He was really a complete artist.

And today we have 2 books about his art.


The first one is a Dover book, Dover being that publishing  company I absolutely adore. This time they bring us 67 plates of Pyle´s work divided in the following genres: pirates, patriots, paladins, parable & myth, princesses and there is a tailpiece too. Most of the images are in color, though you can find some black and white line work too. Also we have an introduction where they tell us about the man´s life and career. Reproduction is great and the book it is just 15.95 bucks.








This book is really a great introduction to Pyle and perfect gateway to our second book today: Howard Pyle: American Master Rediscovered.

This is a collection of essays about Pyle and different sides of his life and career, all beautifully illustrated by Pyle´s art and also some of his influences. This book was published bye the Delaware Art Museum for an exhibition of the artist´s work so it is a thorough and serious book this one. All chapters contain bibliography and there are even a couple of photos of the master at work.





This a scholar and interesting book and definitely a must for all Pyle´s fans. I believe it is out of print now but you can find second-hand very easily.

Go for both, you can´t never have enough Pyle in your life.